Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Pet

Owning a furry friend can be expensive, but there are a lot of ways you can reduce your expenses.

Make your own pet toys

Try making your own pet toys instead of buying them. Your pet is not as picky as you might think. Something such as a towel braid or sock with catnip in it will keep your pets happy for hours. Remember to avoid anything that could be a choking hazard such as small parts.

Schedule complete physicals

Request a complete physical whenever you visit your vet and stay up-to-date with vaccines. By doing this your veterinarian is more likely to catch a condition before it gets worse and more expensive to treat.

Avoid Expensive Fashion Items

Most pets don’t need expensive clothing or jewelry. Try only spending money on needed items like a well-made collar, an ID tag and a comfortable leash.

Don’t waste money on professional photos

You can take great photos without a professional photographer.

Avoid expensive groomers

Many pet grooming activities can be done at home without spending money. You can even research how to perform pet pedicures and coat care.

Look for great deals

If there is a product your pet requires, try looking for a coupon! Pet stores are constantly having sales on supplies.

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