Disclosure of Participation in Affiliate Programs
Our goal at Shop Now Deals is to provide you with the best local deals near you! We put value in small business and community. We want to help those with the same values to easily find great, reputable small businesses, as well as provide those same businesses a connection to those who value their quality services and products. The information and deals you see on this website are accessible to anyone, and we want to continue to offer this service to everyone interested in supporting local business. Therefore, we do accept compensation from and have agreements with companies through affiliate programs. We try to make this process completely unobtrusive to our viewers, while staying completely open and transparent about what links are affiliates, and that we do receive commissions from them. This continued payment allows us to grow Shop Now and accept more and more local businesses into our family.


What is an Affiliate Link?
Throughout our website, you may see references to our use of ‘affiliate link’, ‘affiliate’, or ‘referral link’. The references act as disclosures, and are a requirement in the U.S. by the FTC. These disclosures are there to inform our viewers about a relationship we have with a particular company, and if you choose to purchase that product or service using our affiliate link, we receive a small commission or compensation. We would like to make it clear that using our affiliate links comes at NO extra cost to you, but it does enable us to keep providing our services and bring you more of the best local deals.

We have worked to make these disclosures as clear and obvious as possible, so you know exactly which of our deals are affiliate links. Your trust and our integrity are always at the core of what we do.


Last Updated: 10/23/2017

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