A Guide to Couponing

Looking for the best deals is a great way to save on groceries or needed items for the home. Here are some great couponing tips to help you and your family save!

  • The newspaper: The Sunday newspapers are a great source of coupons. Buy the newspaper with the largest circulation in order to get the best coupons.
  • Ask for coupons: If you have friends or family who get a newspaper but usually throw out the coupons then they probably won’t have a problem with giving them to you.
  • Subscribe to emails: Not all email is junk. Email is becoming the new source of receiving coupons and tips on deals. Subscribe to one you like and you will receive deals every week on products you’re interested in.
  • Weekly Ads: When going to a store, read the weekly store ads to see what is on sale. You’ll be able to tell which stores have the best prices on the items you need. You can also go to the store’s website.
  • Go out early to shop: If you have people who coupon in your area then it’s best to get to the store as early as possible so you can get first dibs on the sale!
  • Keep a price book: Start paying attention to prices and keep a list of items you regularly buy with the best and regular prices for those items.
  • Check your receipt: Before leaving the store look over your receipt to make sure everything rang up correctly and all of your coupons were scanned.
  • Know how much you use: Pay attention to how many sticks of deodorant, packs of soda, boxes of cereal, etc. you use. This will help you to have a better idea of how much you should buy and to not go overboard! If you go through one box of cereal a month then there is really no need to buy more than a few boxes or it will just go to waste.

Follow these helpful tips and make the most of your coupons!


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