Swift Shop the Smart Way

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to find a good deal, and sometimes those perfect deals can be found at a swift-shop!You can find some great things such as clothing, furniture, shoes and more. But you have to know when to go, where to go and what to look for.

Try a swift shop in a small town
Small town swift-shops will often have a better selection than ones in larger cities. This is due to the fact that small towns do not get enough donations to fill their store so the overstocked inventory from larger cities is sent in to help fill shelves.

Know how to spot quality
If you’re looking for a truly good deal then be able to recognize quality. For example, hardwood pieces will last longer than plastic or veneer so always take the time to check out hardwood furniture in swift shops. When it comes to clothing, outfits with a woven tag are usually more expensive (and better quality) than ones with a printed tag.

Don’t overpay
Most experts will tell you never to pay more than 20% of what the original price of the item was. Sometimes you can haggle with the store clerks and get more than 90% off original retail price!

Set your limits
Have a price limit in mind and stick to it. It can be easy to get carried away while shopping, even at a swift-shop. You could set a limit per item, or for the overall trip. Just remain mindful of how much you are spending and don’t buy it unless you love it!

Chat with the employees
Try to get some helpful info from the employees to make your shopping experience more worth your while. This may include asking them what days new shipments come in, which retail stores they are partnered with (so you can get first dibs on department store clearance items), or when a particular item you’ve been wanting might come in.

These useful tips can help make your swift shop experience a stress-free one.

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