Wednesday may be the best day to grocery shop!

It may be easy to leave your grocery shopping until the weekend, but it may actually be better to shop in the middle of the week due to the fact that many grocery stores are full of busy shoppers on the weekends and have terribly long lines.

According to Progressive Grocer, only 11 percent of Americans shop on Wednesdays. If you’re a night owl, Progressive Grocer  says that on any given day, only 4 percent shop after 9:00 p.m. meaning you will be able to get in and out of the store quickly. This may also help you avoid buying impulse items in both the aisles and at the checkout line. No one likes giving up their Saturday morning or afternoon for the hustle and flow of the grocery store.

Now that you know when to do your shopping, go a step further and practice good shopping skills at the store. Try grabbing a push basket and not a handheld one. Studies have found that the strain of carrying a basket made shoppers more likely to reach for quick-grab impulse items like cookies and chips concentrated at eye level in the aisle. If you’re lugging around a heavy basket, you’re not taking the time to read labels and reach for more nutritious foods. Instead, a heavy basket will make you want to get out of the store sooner and not think about what you are buying.

Now go out and do some shopping!

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