Today is National Hot Chocolate Day!

Yet another day to celebrate, today (Jan 31) is National Hot Chocolate day. Every other day is Hot chocolate day in these chilly winter months.

National Hot Chocolate Day

While we talk about hot chocolate let’s not forget about marshmallows. Enjoy a Free Bag of Stuffed Puffs Chocolate Peppermint Bark with all orders over $20 and free shipping on all orders.

Stuffed Puffs – Chocolate Peppermint Bark 3 Pack, Chocolate Filled Marshmallows with Stuffed with Peppermint, Perfect for Hot Cocoa, 3 Bags (8.6oz each)

Pepsi is going to celebrate by giving away its latest creation – “Cocoa Cola.” Follow Pepsi’s Twitter page  on Sunday (1/31/21) for details on how to win the new beverage. Hint, hint – get your hot cocoa mug ready.

Check out these Amazon Best Sellers. Relax and enjoy a sip of Hot Chocolate in comfort of your home.

If you have not tried it yet, check out the new Hot Chocolate Bomb. These chocolate balls are made with hot cocoa and marshmallow fillings that slowly melts in your hot cup of milk. Make it a family project and enjoy!

For all the peanut Butter lovers, treat yourself to TeddiePeanutButter hot cocoa.

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